Wandering Jew

I was in the kitchen making a sandwhich, out of things I got from a local food bank, and thinking about telling everybody on facebook what I thought about them, for not caring, that I’m dying, and in pain 24-7, and don’t make enough money with my disablity check to make ends meet. ( Like they really knew. ) When I saw a beautiful piece of Purple Wandering Jew wandering up beside my blinds. “Where’s that coming from?”  I said to the cat on my table, where she’s not suppose to be,  but she’s a well trained cat that doesn’t shed a bit. (HA!)  And she is pretty. So, I won’t complain about her.  Now, getting back to my story. I followed, with my eyes, the Wandering Jew to see where it was wandering in from. I found a lot more of it, beautiful Wandering Jew, behind the table where my aloe plants grow. But, where could it be growing from? Finally, I traced it up to what looked like a dead vine coming out of the dried dirt where my aloe plant grows. Then I remebered about a year ago, I broke , a small peice, of Wandering Jew off of a plant in a restaurant, and stuck it in my aloe plant pot until I could find some other place for it, and then I forgot about it. Anyway, I started thinking if something that pretty can come out of that dried up little stem, maybe things aren’t hopeless for me. I mean just maybe something good will work of all this. The Bible says all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose. (Roman 8:28)  I do love God, I don’t know if I’m called according to his purpose, but I want to be.