6 thoughts on “About

  1. I am in a very similar position to yours.
    I am very ill and for long here.
    I blog to keep my mind away from form my constant pain and discomfort and i find it highly therapeutic.
    It is hard to know what pleases God we only judge by what we believe inside. If we are happy and content with our ways maybe our perception of pleasing our God follows in accordance…
    I wish a Truly Good Day!

    • Thank you for reading my blog. I was beginning to think I was doing my blogging just for myself, like a diary. It is true what you say. I struggle all the time wondering what God wants from me. I am able to do so little now, because of my sickness. God Bless You!

      • I had to try several times to send this comment.
        I nearly gave up, i believe there is some problem with the software, it would not show a publish /send comment key
        and there was nowhere to click to send it.
        Reading you did not know if any one could find your blog and seeing that no one had responded i made an extra effort to be the First one! and i am glad i persisted because in the end it worked.
        I would suggest if no one else finds you, try to change the ‘theme’ in the Dashboard/appearances.
        You will not loose any content, it will look different.
        Perhaps save somewhere what you have already posted and start with a fresh one.
        Good Luck

      • This is the second time trying to reply but somehow it does not seem to work. I had trouble replying the first time and had to try several times.
        I believe the “Theme’ may have some problem.
        Perhaps you might change it with a different one at Dashboard/Appearances. You would not lose any content it will look different but you can always save what you have already posted.
        Good Luck!

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