My Depression

My Depression.


4 thoughts on “My Depression

  1. I clicked Like not because i like your depression
    but because i know about the feeling, i understand and sympathise.
    I live with these feelings everyday –for different reasons- and i know
    how despite the mental knowledge of Self – Help ways and theories
    it is difficult to fight and a deeply ingrained pattern established and fed
    by external circumstances constantly rebuilding and feeding it with adverse

    Despite the many blessings in my life, the many negative ones
    by far outweigh them so these feelings, have to be fought daily.

    The way i get on is by allowing myself to complain to my heart’s relief
    and never apologise for it to anyone that cannot understand what
    it feel like, but i never dwell or allow these feelings to simmer and brew.

    I make a priority to get on with trying to apply immediate
    or as soon as possible Practical Solutions to the problems i am faced with
    within limitations and restrictions imposed by unchangeable circumstances.

    With each arrangement or achievement comes a valuable positive feeling
    of success and control which despite the ever present outweigh feelings
    of depression, give me a sense that i have some choice within the life
    these limited circumstances allow me to live.

    Hopelessness is the most devastating feeling for me and despite its near
    constant presence i fight it with every positive step i take, knowing that
    only I can make that step for myself, sometimes feeling that some other
    force has helped and other times that me alone and forsaken had to act
    as if nothing and no one else was there…

    Keep fighting, or rather keep working the best way you can to rearrange
    even by small steps the aspects of your life that you can and accept that
    these feelings will be like eternal annoying flies or water you will have
    to swim in often with your under but never give in… keep working…
    the more you work and effect change the more the forces gather and
    co-operate and you may feel them as god’s mercy or grace or whatever
    which become a magnet for more, remembering it is You, that always
    has to take the first step and initiate a well thought action…

    Best of Luck with you Flowerchild!

    • Thank you, Tigress. I’ve been doing that all ready. I refused to let my depression hold me down again. I started by writing the entry in my blog. I went to Church this morning, even though I don’t feel like going anywhere around people when I’m depressed. Then I was given a much needed anonymous gift of $100 while I was there. Everyone was extra nice to me for some reason. Just when I was feeling like they didn’t really want me at their Church. I don’t know if someone read my blog and told everyone about it. As far as I know you’re the only one whose read it. Maybe it was Gods mercy. I’ve already started another Blog entry on My Depression. Maybe looking at it from a different perspective since I’m not as depressed as I was.

      • I am so glad to hear!

        Here is another little thing for you Today:

        Your Blog is Displayed on my Blog!

        I do not Follow as such any Blogs because it slows down my Reader, so i pick which blogs to visit every day from the Notifications list.
        There are though Blogs and or Posts i like and would like to display on my Blog so i thought to create a ‘Favourite Blog for the Day’ and display one Blog for a Day or more and have started with Yours since it was the One that made me find the Solution to this problem i have been thinking for a while and not knowing how to go about.
        So have a Look! …yours is the Guest of honour, lol! for a few days 🙂

        Hope this Cheer you up and Bit and Helps enjoy a Nice Day!

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