Never Trust Anyone

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Don’t Trust Anyone
Ok, I’ve decided I don’t like people. The lord told us to “LOVE” people. He didn’t say anything about liking everyone. So, I don’t, like them, that is. Well, OK, I like some people. Well, actually I like a lot of people. I just don’t like some of the things they do. Like lying. Some people tell lies, it seems like, just to be telling them, or maybe to impress people, more than likely. I don’t like that, and who are they impressing when most people don’t believe them. Other people lie to cover up for things they’ve done, that they shouldn’t. Those are the worst, because there they’re probably lying, to you, to cover up something they did to you. The other liers are frustrating, when you hear someone you know, telling you, or someone else you know, something that you know is a big fat lie. I just want to say, “why do you tell lies like that.” You like them, mostly, it just the lies and other things they do that bother you. You can’t trust them. How can you trust anyone who lies. If they lie to you, how do you know they don’t steal from you, also. I’ve had the same people that told me lies all the time steal from me. I forgave them, because they were my “FRIEND”, and I thought I needed them. Sometimes I didn’t even tell them that I knew that they stole from me. So, they kept on lying to me, and stealing from me. It hurt me, but I forgave them, because I believed that was what you were suppose to do, and they were my friend or someone close to me, and I didn’t want to lose them. The closer I was to them, the more it would hurt. In some cases I just thought it was the right thing to do to give them another chance. If I had plenty it would be different, but they hurt me financially as well as as emotionally. Once, when a “friend” emptied out my bank account I didn’t have anyplace to stay or any food to eat. But, I forgave her because she was on drugs and wasn’t responsible for what she was doing.
Then finally one day I got wizer, I just stopped trusting or really liking anyone. I decided I was better off alone, without letting anyone get really close to me. I had my cats, they were better than people.
But, lately, there’s been someone in my life who says they’ve changed, and I see that they have given up some of their old habits, and they’ve helped me out a lot, but when I hear them lying to people, even to me. I wonder are they slipping back into old habits or have they ever really changed at all. Then there is someone else who comes into my house, and when I ask them about something, they tell me what I believe to be a lie.
So, I think I’ll just go on, not really trusting or liking, hardly anyone, except The Lord, very much.

By Jenny Kilpatrick
— feeling frustrated. 😦


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